The James Dyson Foundation has awarded Toby Chamberlain, a Malmesbury School student, with a scholarship to cover his university tuition fees.

The scholarship is awarded to one Malmesbury School A-level student who is planning to study science, technology, engineering or maths at university. The scheme was launched in 2013 as part of the charity’s mission to inspire and support the engineers of tomorrow. The fund will cover the entirety of the winner’s tuition fees for years of study. Toby is the fifth Malmesbury student to be successful in this process.

A total of 20 students applied for the scholarship in 2017, they were asked to discuss their favourite engineered product and why they think the design is inspiring. Toby brought a Cat’s Eye to the interview, and spoke about its elegance as a problem-solving solution and how it represented his own interest in using maths to make the world better.

Sir James Dyson has praised Toby as “a very clever young man with clear passion for his chosen degree”, and has go on to say ”he is immensely eloquent when discussing the importance of maths in solving problems, and I have no doubt that he will make a great success of his time at university.”

After achieving A* grades in all four of his A level subjects, Toby is now studying Maths at the University of Oxford.