James Dyson Building: Work begins


Last year, the James Dyson Foundation donated £8 million to the University of Cambridge, to provide bright young engineers with some of the world’s most advanced engineering facilities.

Construction has begun on the four-storey James Dyson Building for Engineering – which will provide incubator units for intensive research and spaces for students to share and develop concepts.

Pioneering sensing technologies developed by the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC) are being installed in the infrastructure of the building. These sensors will provide useful data including the temperature gradient of the piles, the temperature of the concrete as it is setting and the strain within the pile as the load upon it changes. As the building progresses further, CSIC technologies will be applied which will help provide a picture of how the building is ‘feeling’ and ‘behaving’. This data will help improve efficiencies in design and construction.

The James Dyson Building’s opening ceremony is planned for the end of this year.