National winners of the James Dyson Award 2014 announced


Today the National winners and runners up were announced in this year’s James Dyson Award. Whittled down from over 600 entries, the best five projects from each country will progress to the next stage of the competition. The National winner in each country receives £2,000 – click through to find out more about the winning projects.

Austria – Oralux

Oralux is a device that combines a doctor’s tongue stick with a light source

Belgium – VAX-ID

VAX-ID makes it easier to administer vaccinations to a specific layer of skin.

Canada – PrintAlive

PrintAlive 3D prints complex structures that mimic the epidermal and dermal layers of human skin.

France – TipTapTop

TipTapTop is a tap gadget designed to encourage children to wash their hands, which also saves water in the process

Germany – Mima

Mima allows users to inspect a beehive without having to open it up.

Ireland – Nutria

Nutria is system to connect a feeding tube to a patient’s face without using tape, which can become an irritant.

Italy – Solari

Offering an alternative to barbeque and camping stoves, Solari promises to be an eco-friendly way to cook food outdoors.

Japan – Qolo

A vehicle for people with disabled lower limbs that allows them to move while both sitting down and standing up, and to move between the two positions.

Malaysia – Full body exoskeleton

A full body exoskeleton to help quadriplegics to remain movement.

New Zealand – Designed prosthetics

Using 3D scanning and new methods of 3D printing, prosthetic noses can be tailored to the wearer.

Russia – Home hydroponics system

Five levels of LED-lit, water-and-nutrient-fed containers that provide a way to grow vegetables and fruits in the home or at schools.

Singapore – LED Trayable

Table with a tray sized gap to tackle the problem of lack of clean tables at food courts

Spain – Remora

A biodegradable fishing net system. An additive added to the net causes it to start breaking apart after four years, to address the problem of abandoned “ghost nets” that pose a threat to the marine yo

Switzerland – Caturix

A new fastening mechanism for backpacks that is designed to be safer than existing alternatives for mountaineers.

The Netherlands – Miito

A device that heats liquid in a glass or other container, helping reduce wastage and cleaning

UK – Bump Mark

Food labels filled with gelatine become bumpy to signal if the food inside has spoiled.

USA – Uplift

A personal shopping trolley that can be collapsed and loaded into a car’s boot without having to remove the goods carried inside.

These projects and four runners up will now be knocked down to just 20 by Dyson Engineers. This shortlist will be revealed on Thursday 18th October. Watch this space!