Trailblazers / Dyson Engineers



NAME: Lenore
AGE: 27
LIVES: Chicago, Illinois
UNIVERSITY: Engineering Design and Innovation, Northwestern, Illinois

Engineering runs in Lenore’s family. She has always enjoyed making things as a hobby, but it was taking part in after-school clubs that gave her the bug for design engineering.

“When I was younger, I wanted to be the first female U.S. President!” But Lenore was really drawn to art and the process of creating something. Her dad was a mechanical engineer, and she saw him do some amazing things. “At its core, engineering is problem solving, and I love problem solving. I knew early on that I could do the same.”

Lenore’s job involves any task that requires a technical eye: testing machines, helping the call center with inquiries and listening to users. The technology constantly changes and new challenges arise. “This is why I love my job; to me, everything is a problem to be solved.”

Lenore’s favourite part of the design process is brainstorming. “I love working in a group to come up with crazy ideas and watching those ideas grow. Sometimes the strangest thing can put you on the right path.”

If Lenore was giving advice to someone about possibly going into engineering, she would say do it! “Engineering can take you anywhere. It gives you a foundation for solving problems – you can find creative solutions and implement them into anything.”

When Lenore is not working, she might just be in the kitchen; she loves cooking. To Lenore, cooking is very much like a science experience. “When I look into my fridge, I love imagining what it can become. In a way, I problem solve my meals.”