Trailblazers / JDF Scholars



Samuel is the first ever student at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) to receive a James Dyson Foundation scholarship.

From an early age, Samuel was fascinated by the marriage of mechanical and electronics engineering – leading him to pursue a Diploma in Mechatronics and Robotics at Singapore Polytechnic. He now studies Engineering Product Development at SUTD.

“I’m in my first year of study at SUTD,” says Samuel. “It’s a unique university where I can expand my engineering knowledge – and have a lot of fun too.”

“I really enjoy using my electronics and mechanical skills to make aerial crafts. While I was studying at the polytechnic I built a quadcopter controlled by an iphone. Now, as a member of SUTD’s Multi-Rotor Society, I get to design, build and fly machines in my spare time.”

And Samuel’s engineering interests aren’t limited to flying machines. He previously worked on an android arm, and wants to develop a robotic exoskeletal limb to assist disabled people.

“The James Dyson Foundation scholarship means I don’t have to worry about my university fees. I can give my full attention to my studies – throwing myself into research and working out how to tackle ambitious projects.”