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2018 - The Year of Engineering

2018 Year of Engineering - a UK government led campaign which aims to increase awareness, and change perceptions, of engineering.

The Year of Engineering 2018, a UK government led campaign, aims to increase awareness and change perceptions of engineering.

The UK will need 1.8 million new engineers by 2022 but currently only 46,000 engineering students are graduating per year. This shortfall is costing the economy billions of pounds every year.

300 businesses from across the UK contributed to the Year of Engineering to ensure that students, parents and teachers have an awareness of the wide variety engineering careers and opportunities.

The James Dyson Foundation continues to supply primary and secondary schools with free resources, lesson support, workshops and engineering information. In 2017 the Foundation’s free resources – the Design Process Box and Engineering Box – reached an estimated 117,000 primary and secondary students in the UK. These resources give students and teachers the opportunity to experience engineering in the classroom and take on their own design challenge.

2018 also marks the arrival of the second cohort of Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology undergraduate students and the 14th year of the James Dyson Award.

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