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Festive Challenge Cards

Get in the spirit this year by downloading our festive challenge cards!

As schools close for the Christmas break soon, the James Dyson Foundation has the perfect way to keep children entertained while spreading holiday cheer with two festive engineering challenges for all ages. 

Frosty Can Snowman:
Stop Jack Frost in his tracks and learn how to create frost indoors: using only ice, water and salt. 

While the chances of a winter wonderland outside might be slim, this challenge will guarantee an icy scene at home.

Christmas Biscuit House: 
This challenge is all about strong and sturdy structures, made from everyone's favorite festive treat, gingerbread. You could even try baking your own gingerbread. 

Put your architectural skills to the test by re-engineering a new gingerbread house that can withstand the North Pole's winter storms. 

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