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Shaping tomorrow's engineers

Engineering is an exciting and rewarding career. Our free resources help students use their hands and their heads to solve real-world problems. Just like Dyson engineers.

Female school student using a screwdriver to take apart a Dyson vacuum cleaner head - an activity from the James Dyson Foundation Engineering Box.

1.8m more engineers and technically qualified people will be needed in the UK by 2025. But, to inspire the engineers of tomorrow, we need to show young people that engineering is relevant - and exciting. Our free resources do just that.

Contents of the Design Process Box including a Dyson Air Multiplier fan, teacher's pack and posters.

Primary schools

Primary school resources

Our primary school resources introduce students to the design process, nurturing problem-solving skills engineers use every day.

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Contents of the Engineering Box including a Dyson vacuum cleaner, cleaner heads, screwdrivers, teacher's pack and posters.

Secondary schools

Secondary school resources

Our secondary school resources introduce students to engineering behind Dyson technology. Students get to think and act like real engineers to tackle real-world problems and build their own solutions.

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Image of the front of the Spaghetti Bridges Challenge Cards

Engineering extras

Other engineering resources

We have other engineering resources to help inspire young people about the exciting world of engineering through learning about design icons, Dyson engineer stories and fun engineering challenges that can be completed at home, or in the classroom.

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Image of two kids making balloon cars


Home-schooling resources

Our at-home learning resources teach students about engineering and the design process through activities and lessons that can be completed at home.

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Primary school resources

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