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Shaping tomorrow's engineers

Engineering is an exciting and rewarding career. Our free resources help students use their hands and their heads to solve real-world problems. Just like Dyson engineers.

186,000 engineers will be needed annually in the UK through to 2024. But, to inspire the engineers of tomorrow, we need to show young people that engineering is relevant - and exciting. Our free resources do just that.

Design Process Box

For Primary Schools

The Design Process Box introduces primary school students to product design, challenging them to find inspiration in everyday objects and use it to develop ideas and solve problems.

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Engineering Box

For Secondary Schools

Designed for secondary schools, the Engineering Box introduces students to engineering through Dyson technology. Taking apart a Dyson machine to understand how it works, students are challenged to start thinking like engineers.

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Challenge Cards

Are you ready for a challenge?

These science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) challenges are ideal for home or in the classroom. Designed by Dyson engineers, they challenge curious minds and encourage hands-on experimentation.

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Digital resources

Delivering an engaging new D&T curriculum

Based on our Rethinking D&T project with a group of secondary schools in Bath, UK, we have developed a series of free lesson plans and advice for all schools wanting to teach a project-led Design and Technology curriculum.

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Engineering Icons

Our top pick of inspiring engineers

From the Whittle engine to the humble zip, these are some of the designs and designers who inspire us to keep thinking differently.

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Engineer stories

What's it like to be an engineer?

Hear Dyson engineers talk about how they got into engineering and what they do day-to-day.

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Design Process Box

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