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Engineering Solutions:

The Future of Farming

This resource will enable students to explore how design and engineering can be applied to farming. Students will learn about the farming industry, how food is grown, harvested and produced, as well as the environmental impact of farming.

Hedgehog of a Dyson strawberry

This resource has been designed to complement the Science, Design and Technology and Geography curriculums at Key Stage 1 and 2. 

What's in the box?

Bringing agricultural engineering to life

In combination with the lesson plans, posters and videos, there is also an additional resource box to complement Lesson 05: Grow your own strawberry crop. This box gives students access to equipment to grow their own crops, allowing them to understand how food is grown, harvested, monitored and improved through engineering principles.

Please email if you are interested in recieving one of these boxes.

In the box

Drawing of two planting trays and troughs

Two planting trays and troughs

Drawing of a bottle of plant food

One bottle of plant food

Drawing of a water dosage system

One water dosage system

Drawing of a refractometer

One refractometer

Drawing of LED lighting rigs

Two LED lighting rigs

Drawing of eight mini trowels

Eight mini trowels

Drawing of coir

Four bags of coir

Drawing of posters

Four informative posters

Drawing of teacher's pack

One teacher's pack

Teacher's pack

Fully supported lesson plans

This pack contains six lesson plans and supporting worksheets. It also contains summary information for you, the teacher, explaining how the lessons relate to engineering principles across the Dyson Farms.

Background image for


Dyson Farming is a large-scale farming business which focuses on sustainability and technology-led innovation. Dyson engineers support Dyson Farming by advancing traditional farming practices, ensuring they can be more effective, efficient and sustainable. 

An image of one of the Engineering solutions: Air pollution posters showing natural and human sources of air pollution


Add some colour to your classroom

These informative posters can be used to support the lessons in this pack.

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