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D&T schemes of work

Free thinking in the classroom

We believe in a Design and Technology curriculum based on an iterative design process and relevant project-based learning, to engage students.

A group of students gathered around a table discussing their D&T project.

We have used our experience from the James Dyson Foundation schools project to develop a series of free schemes of work for all schools wanting to teach a project-led Design and Technology curriculum. 

Schemes of work

Key Stage 3

Through these resources, students will learn how to take risks, be resourceful, be innovative and be enterprising. They will also learn about design engineering and begin to develop the skills needed to become an engineer.

6 weeks

Cities in the ocean

Design a prototype for a space that people or communities could live in, either on or under the ocean.

6 weeks


Design a ‘disaster box’ containing all the essential supplies that might be needed for people to survive a natural disaster.

6 weeks

Journey to school

Design a prototype that solves a problem encountered on the journey to school.

6 weeks

On the move

Design a prototype that uses air or wind to make something that could transport people or products.

Schemes of work

Key stage 4

An introduction to design engineering, these schemes of work have been mapped to the KS4 national curriculum. They are designed to simultaneously engage students creativity and imagination, whilst teaching technical skills.

4 weeks

Wind power

Design and make a prototype for a wind turbine which will produce enough power to meet specific needs.

6 weeks

Indoor navigation

Design a prototype that helps people navigate their way around unfamiliar buildings.

6 weeks

Independent living

Design a prototype that makes an everyday task easier for a person with a disability.

8 weeks

Improving living and working

Design a prototype that solves a problem encountered in a living, learning or working space.

3 weeks

Energy efficiency

Design a prototype for a more energy efficient electric kettle.

Student building an electronics prototype.

Rethinking D&T

The project in action

Trialling this project-led curriculum with five schools in Bath led to a 37% increase in the number of students opting to take D&T at GCSE.

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