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Bursaries and Scholarships

Oiling the wheels of success

The brightest minds and best ideas don’t always have the support they need to flourish. This is why the James Dyson Foundation has provided bursaries, scholarships and project funding to make the path to a future in engineering easier.

The recipient of a James Dyson Foundation scholarship.
Three students using a screwdriver to take apart a Dyson vacuum cleaner machine head - an activity from the James Dyson Foundation Engineering Box.

Undergraduate tuition support

Supporting local talent

We've donated over £100,000 to support students from Malmesbury School, enabling them to pursue undergraduate degrees in science, engineering and product design.

An undergraduate student with a prototype from his final year engineering project.

Undergraduate project support

Enabling innovation

Our donations to support students with strong final year projects amount to more than £140,000. The funds offset the cost of materials and project development. They're awarded to students showing innovation, vision and strong communication skills. In the past, we've made donations to students at the University of Cambridge and the University of Michigan.

Graduate support

Funding research

Donations totalling more than £1.5 million have supported the research of 40 postgraduate students, including students at the University of Cambridge and Northwestern University, Illinois. 

Students we've helped

Lisa, a James Dyson Foundation scholar.

Lisa’s passion for engineering is borne out of a love for science and art – and creating things. She’s applying her skills to the field of medical research. Her work looks at kinematic alignment, a new research area in knee replacement.

“The scholarship has meant that I’ve been able to develop the rigs necessary to do my research justice. I hope one day to be able to turn my idea into a successful business."

Ryan, the recipient of a James Dyson Foundation bursary.

Ryan chose engineering because of its multi-disciplinery connections to science, business, industry and the real world. Ryan is looking at new methods of combustion through solid 'oxygen carriers' that chemically donate oxygen to fuels.

“The James Dyson Foundation bursary allowed me to concentrate on my research, finding new ways of making combustion more useful and efficient."

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