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University workshops

85 workshops delivered

Since 2005 we have sent over 100 Dyson engineers to our partner universities to deliver workshops and challenge students to design and develop prototypes that solve everyday problems.

Students studying
University students

The workshops

An insight into engineering

Introducing the Dyson design process, our workshops give students an insight into life as an engineer. The students brainstorm, sketch and prototype designs to solve an everyday problem, all within a few hours – competing against their classmates for the best design.

"JDF workshops take a hands-on approach to the Dyson design process – showing how broad thinking, iterative design and making mistakes can result in great, problem-solving ideas."

Adam Pinkstone

Dyson Design Engineer

A design engineer.

The outcome

Why is it better?

Solar-powered lamp posts, mobile dentists and skateboard lights that highlight bumps in the road. In our workshops, students draw on their own experiences to produce a wide range of problem-solving prototypes. Each team must clearly explain the problem they are tackling, their idea and why it is better than existing solutions.

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