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Engineering box

Design, from The inside out

The Engineering Box is a free resource that unpacks Dyson technology, harnessing young people's curiosity for how things work.

For the new academic year, we are happy to announce that we have updated our resource to include updated Dyson technology, the V12 Detect Slim Animal ™.

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Female student taking apart a Dyson vacuum cleaner to understand how it works.

Ideal for secondary schools, students take apart a Dyson machine, identifying design clues, to understand the engineering thinking behind how – and why – it works. It's ideally suited to Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, but can be adapted for any classroom. 

What's in the box?

Design engineering, uncovered

The Engineering Box includes a Dyson V12 Detect Slim Animal™ Vacuum, Tangle-free Turbine Heads, and Anti-tangle screw heads. Students take these apart, using the screwdrivers provided, to better understand how the technology works. The box also contains a comprehensive teacher's pack, lesson plans, videos and posters. Schools loan the box for four weeks, free of charge - with delivery and collection included.

In the box

Drawing of a V12 Detect Slim Animal™ vacuum cleaner

V12 Detect Slim Animal™ vacuum cleaner

Drawing of an anti-tangle screw head

15 Anti-tangle screw heads

Drawing of a tangle-free turbine head

15 Tangle-free Turbine Tools

Drawing of two screwdrivers

15 Phillips and 15 T8 screwdrivers

Drawing of informative posters

Informative posters for your classroom

Drawing of teacher's pack

Teacher’s pack

Once they've got to grips with Dyson technology, students will understand the design process from the inside out, and they'll be ready to develop their own solutions to everyday problems. They will also learn about the diversity of engineering jobs, hearing the lowdown from real Dyson engineers.

Teacher's pack

Fully-supported lesson plans

The teacher's pack contains eight lesson plans, worksheets and supporting information for the teacher, explaining how the lessons relate to design engineering at Dyson.

Background image for An example of the Engineering Box teacher's pack.
An example of the Engineering Box teacher's pack.

International Versions

South East Asia Teacher's Pack

Download a version of the Engineering Box Teacher's Pack that has been designed for South East Asia secondary school and High School students.


Printable lesson materials

Download all the worksheets and certificates from the teacher's pack for easy copying and distribution amongst your class.


Guided disassembly

The videos include interviews with a range of Dyson engineers who work in different areas of engineering. Students will learn about the breadth of engineering disciplines, find out more about the engineer's role, how they got into engineering, and what they do day-to-day.

Also included are video guides to help with taking apart the Dyson vacuum cleaner accessories – as well as putting them back together.

"The Engineering Box is the perfect tool for my students to understand the purpose of design briefs, product analysis and creating specifications."

Barbara Pearce

Secondary School Teacher

An example of the Engineering Box classroom posters. This poster shows Dyson machines from prototype to product.


Add some colour to your classroom

Use these informative posters to support your lessons.

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